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Smartphones are now using lasers (VCSEL's)

Fun with VCSELs

The iPhone 8 does not have an OLED screen, but it still takes many lasers to manufacture this phone, including the excimer lasers it takes to make the active LED screens. But the iPhone 8 is also notable because it is the first iPhone that contains lasers, two to be exact. The iPhone 8 contains a lower-power VCSEL (Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser) pointing backward and another higher-powered VCSEL facing forward. If you own an iPhone 8, you are holding these lasers in your hand right now but probably never knew it.

20194479 - illustration of isolated kids watching a movie with 3d glasses

Movie Tastes Change, Lasers Will Follow

If you have been following, you know that lasers are now being used as the white-light source for thousands of cinema projectors in movie theaters around the world. Many IMAX theaters use them, as do Dolby theaters. In addition, the technology is being used at thousands of smaller multiplexes being built, especially in China. In fact, anyone following the fast-growing use of lasers as a light-source for cinema is sure to be impressed, and in fact five years ago this technology didn’t even exist.

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