Smartphones are now using lasers (VCSEL's)

Fun with VCSELs

The iPhone 8 does not have an OLED screen, but it still takes many lasers to manufacture this phone, including the excimer lasers it takes to make the active LED screens. But the iPhone 8 is also notable because it is the first iPhone that contains lasers, two to be exact. The iPhone 8 contains a lower-power VCSEL (Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser) pointing backward and another higher-powered VCSEL facing forward. If you own an iPhone 8, you are holding these lasers in your hand right now but probably never knew it.

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Movie Tastes Change, Lasers Will Follow

If you have been following, you know that lasers are now being used as the white-light source for thousands of cinema projectors in movie theaters around the world. Many IMAX theaters use them, as do Dolby theaters. In addition, the technology is being used at thousands of smaller multiplexes being built, especially in China. In fact, anyone following the fast-growing use of lasers as a light-source for cinema is sure to be impressed, and in fact five years ago this technology didn’t even exist.

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Lasers & 3D Printing; A Marriage Made In Heaven?

I’m a big fan of additive manufacturing, or as it is often called, 3D printing. I myself own three FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) 3D printers, which are basically automated hot-glue guns, and these are just a hobby for me, but additive manufacturing is starting to become a very potentially disruptive technology that needs to be carefully watched and evaluated, and its starting to be a considerable revenue source for lasers.

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Excimers for OLED Production are on a roll

Excimer laser sales for OLED production are on a roll, which has greatly benefited Coherent, but what is behind the rapid increase and how long will it last? We spoke with the OLED Association to get more info on what is occuring in the industry, and how does this translate into excimer laser sales.

Merger Ahead Signpost

Merger Mania Continues in 2017 But All Are Not Equal

There is still no doubt that lasers used for material processing will remain a very large and important segment of the laser market as a whole, but segments like cosmetic/aesthetic lasers, while smaller, will continue to grow at a fast clip, and the companies that supply them will maintain a higher value to earnings multiple.

2016 Recap Repeat

2016 Laser Review – Final Look

Welcome to 2017, and I will be the first to admit I’ve been a bit slow updating my blog.  The good news is that I have been very busy with other projects, which is the reason for the delay.  But fear not, I have been spending the last few weeks updating 2016 numbers with the […]


2016 Laser Review – First Look

The election has come and gone and its almost Thanksgiving already. In any case, as the end of the year approaches, I thought this would be a great time to look over some trends and events that have occurred in the laser world in 2016. This was a year of change, and the year is not even over yet.


Coherent & Rofin Merger Approved

Back in March, after we digested the fact that MKS was acquiring Newport, Coherent announced that it was going to acquire Rofin. At the time it seemed like a good pairing and the two companies have much synergy but EU regulators thought differently.


Laser Seminar

Fall is finally here. This means that it’s that magical time when the leaves are starting to change colors, Starbucks again starts selling their pumpkin spice lattes, and Costco starts putting out their Christmas decorations.