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Laser Report #1

September 13th, 2016

Brief Report Description/Summary.


Market research studies may be based on primary data, secondary data, or both. We conduct primary research on a global basis, including personal visits to key industry personnel, telephone interviews, and occasionally email surveys. Information may also come from sales literature, press releases, annual reports, and information from trade associations. All data is collected, interpreted and evaluated and used to produce the final reports and forecasts.


Laser Markets Research secures all data collected and handles it with the utmost care. Personal information such as contact or customer names, phones numbers and email addresses are NEVER sold to outside parties. All information obtained from interviews is always held in the strictest confidence, and only used anonymously when combined with information from others. Laser Markets Research always retains the right to modify and adjust this data when it feels the need to do so. All data is treated as private and confidential unless you explicitly tell us that the data is public.